Frozen Dark Moon

An Ichigo X Hitsugaya community

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Frozen Dark Moon - A Ichigo X Hitsugaya community
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Frozen Dark Moon - An Ichigo X Hitsugaya Community

Welcome to this community dedicate to the pairing of Kurosaki Ichigo and Hitsugaya Toshiro from the anime/manga Bleach! The post in this community will be related to both guys as friends or/and as couple.


1. Bashing and flaming are not tolerated. Constructive criticisms are allowed and very welcome.
2. Please use proper grammar and spelling. No Internet speaking please.
3. Discussions about these two characters are fine, but no general talks about Bleach please.
4. Let's try and keep everything on topic.
5. Be respectful to the mods of this community. They are working to build this place, so that you can enjoy to be here.


As for fanwork, everything is pretty much accepted; fanart, fanfiction, icons, wallpaper, AMV, colorbars, etc. They have to be related to IchiHitsu. Also, please label your work and but the proper warnings.

- All work has to be put under LJ-cut. For the icons, if you have more than 3 icons, it also has to be put under the cut. Previews and 3 or less icons are allowed to not be under LJ-cut.

- Please, not worksafe work has to be put in a friendly lock with the proper warnings. What is considered not worksafe is anything with nudity, violence, smut… And everything that is NC-17.

- Posting others' work are allowed ONLY if you had asked the person, put all the reference and disclaimers. If you do not have that, only put the link. I do not want to have trouble with art thieves.

How to sudmit

This is the form you can use in each entry when you sudmit fanwork. (i.e Fanfic)

Summary: (very small one plz)


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