Call Of The Thunder (Chapter 4)

One very impatient captain found himself on this particular evening standing on a quiet street corner, leaning against a street lamp, wearing his usual trademark scowl. Running a petit hand through his white hair, the tiny captain let out a small sigh, wondering where on Earth the firey subsitute who had so captured is heart had gotten to. With a weary shake of his head, Hitsugaya resumed his stance, leaning against the metal pole. He couldn't be angry with the oranged crowned teen, as much as he wanted to be. Ichigo had, more or less, bent over backwards to accomodate the snow crowned shinigami and Hitsugaya was extremely grateful for him doing so. A tiny smile tugged at the captain's lips as his thoughts wandered - as they oh so often do - to the firey teen. The first time the captain realised he was in love with Ichigo, he had been in the bath. It had been one of those rare occasions when the captain allowed himself to relax in the evenings - as opposed to the stress filled ones he usually had that usually had something to do with paperwork, captains meetings, his lieutenant or (if it was a particularly bad day) all three. As the hot water surrounded his small frame, the snow crowned boy couldn't help but liken it to the infalliable heat on one Kurosaki Ichigo. His thoughts had wandered to the way the teen held him, how his lips had kissed his, the feeling of his toned chest and strong heart beating just inches away from his face and his soft, ever-caring smile that made the snowy boy's heart stutter... Before Hitsugaya knew it, heat swelled in his chest and - most disconcertingly - in his groin. At first, the captain had been left feeling so scared and so vulnerable he wanted nothing more than to run to his bedroom and hide under the covers, never to come out. Yet, as the days went on, he found himself less and less scared by the onslaught and depth of his emotions regarding one orange haired idiot. These feeling were much more intense and meaningful than the ones he had for Kusaka, because the fridgid captain knew that the substitute shared the same deep, intense feelings for him. Never in his life had the captain felt loved or cherished, and - in all honesty - it was something that he was terrified of loosing. The feeling of being safe and the knowledge that there was someone who would always, take his side no matter what, was a very new sensation, but one that the tiny boy didn't know how he lived without. He could count on Ichigo to rescue him, to catch him when he fell, to be his shoulder to cry on, to be strong for him when he was weak and to love him if the rest on the world turned against him. Hitsugaya knew that the position he was in left his incredibly vulnerable and open, but the thought of life without his firey teen was terrifying enough to erradicate any doubt, any second thoughts he may have had in an instant.


Teal eyes snapped up to see his lover bounding towards him, Hitsugaya's favourite crooked smile on the tanned visage.

"Hey..." Ichigo whispered breathlessly once he reached the captain, dipping down for a kiss. "How you holding up?"

"I'm fine."

"You sure, Toush? Last time a I saw you, the paperwork piles were nearly as tall as you."

The frosty captain let out a small chuckle as the firey teen grinned at him.

"It's fine. I finished them the same day you left."

"Che... You mean the same afternoon, evening, night and early morning after I left, right?"

"It's the same thing."

"No, it's not. Honestly, Toshiro, you look shattered. You sure you wanna catch a movie tonight?"

In all truth, Toshiro was feeling exhausted. In anticipation of taking the weekend off he had stayed up for nearly two days solid preparing the division and doing the paperwork that he knew his lieutenant would be able to skilfully ignore, even if she tripped over the pile of work. He didn't really want to see the movie, but when he had suggested a cinema date to his firey lover, the hazelnut eyes all but sparkled with excitement, the substitute exclaiming how it had 'been ages' since he had gone to the movies. And the almost shy yet genuine excitement was something the captain categorically did not want to put a damper on.

"You worry about me too much. I'm fine." the snowy boy repremanded softly, feeling himself relax in the presence of his firey yet gentle lover.

"You sure?" Chocolate eyes swirling with a mixture of concern and adoration.

"Yes. Now, let's go, unless you plan to miss the first half of the movie."

Less than five minutes later, Hitsugaya found himself standing in the line next to the orange crowned teen. The cinema was small and there weren't many people there - the only other people being the box office staff and the couple ahead on them in the line. There was a calm atmosphere about the frosty captain and he was feeling atypically relaxed - something which he knew had everything to do with the man standing beside him. Ichigo was currently humming some inane tune, bouncing on his heels, his hands stuffed in his pockets. There was a subtle smile on his face and he too was looking relaxed: his eyebrows were smoothed out, the corners of his lips turned upwards ever so slightly. Chocolate eyes caught the cerulean ones looking at him and the teen flashed the captain a loving smile, a tanned hand coming up to rub the small of the boy's back. Hitsugaya let out a contented sigh and leaned against the toned chest, the callused hand sliding from the small of his back to his waist, pulling the tiny captain closer. There was an adoring peck that landed on the white tuft and the fridgid captain couldn't stop the diminutive smile that tugged at his lips.

"You okay?"

"Mmm..." was the only response the frosty boy gave, leaning a little more against Ichigo's warm body. He only stayed there for a few seconds because - as cruel fate would have it - the couple in front had sorted out their tickets and it was their turn. The diminuitive captain let his firey lover do the talking - being of a more sociable nature than him. Hitsugaya was starting to regret not taking his lover up on the offer of skipping the movie; it was getting increasingly more arduous to keep his eyes open and his legs from giving out. The usually unobservant teen suprised the captain slightly when he seemed to notice this as slipped his arm round his waist, supporting a significant amount of the captain's weight. Hitsugaya had to admit that he was somewhat impressed when the firey teen managed to skilfully take out his wallet, extract the cash and recieve the tickets all one handed. With a gentle nudge, Ichigo helped his small lover in the right direction, remaining a step behind him as they travelled up the stairs, should the frosty captain's legs give way. The firey teen was beginning to regret bringing his lover here, when the boy clearly was in dire need of rest. In the dim light of twilight, the subtle signs of exhaustion that the tiny boy hid so well, weren't as promenent; whereas, now, in a fully lit cinema the true state of the snow crowned captain was in plain sight, clear for all - though, more specifically, one substitute shinigami - to see.

When they reached the theatre, they found their seats and settled down as the movie was about to start. There didn't look like there were going to be many people as there were dozens of empty seats - it had been a good idea to come on a weekday as most people were at school or work. As the movie started, the frosty captain rubbed his cheek against Ichigo's shoulder. The firey teen understood the unspoken message and lifted his arm up draping it across the slim waist, allowing the tiny boy to lean against his chest, soaking up the offered warmth.

About ten minutes into the movie, the boy was fast asleep, his tiny hand curled limply in the 'V' of the teen's jumper. Chocolate eyes watched the dozing boy for an instant, wrapping his other arm round the captain, protecting his slumber within the sturdy walls of his embrace. Honestly, Ichigo didn't really think that his tiny lover would have enjoyed the movie - mostly because he wouldn't have caught most of the human slang or have understood the state-of-the-art technology used in it. And the teen knew that he had only come because it had been something Ichigo had wanted to do - and the firey teen was very grateful for that. The tiny captain may not be generous with his affection or show his love using words, but it was the small, seemingly insignificant actions such as these which showed the teen that the tiny boy in his arms loved him with just as strong a fire as Ichigo felt for the captain. And it was these actions that had the subtitute falling further in love with the fridgid captain. A soft kiss was planted on the unmoving white mop of hair, before the hazelnut eyes returned to the movie, and - once again- the substitute was enthralled by the scenes unravelling on the screen in front of him.

"Toshiro... Toush, wake up..."

The tiny captain moaned and tried to roll away from the unmistakable voice gently stimulating his hearing. A callused hand gently stroked his cheek and a loving kiss landed on his forehead.

"You slept through the whole movie Toshiro, c'mon..."

Teal eyes snapped open... He hadn't slept through it all, had he? But, lo and behold, the credits were rolling and the lights had gone up, illuninating the whole theatre.


"Don't be stupid, Toush. It's hardly your fault. Now, c'mon, let's go home. Tired, right?"

Another kiss landed ontop the white tuft as the captain was gently lifted to his feet. The pair exited the cinema and walked towards Ichigo's appartment. Once inside the apartment building, the teen scooped the captain up and started running up the stairs, all the while raining butterfly kisses over the frosty captains face and neck. Every once in a while, the teen would nearly loose his foot and Hitsugaya would reprimand him for not watching where he was going. The firey teen would just grin and pull the tiny boy into a passionate kiss, silencing any tellings-off that were on the tip of the captain's tounge. By the time the two reached the substitute's apartment, their bodies were practially humming in anticipation of what was to come. After a rather awkward opening of the front door, the teen all but ran to the bedroom, cradling his warm bundle all the while...

Call Of The Thunder (Chapter 3)

They stayed like this for a while, simply enjoying each other's warmth. Guilt welled up inside the captain as his words came rushing back to him:


He couldn't believe that he had actually said that to the man who had been there for him and helped him through what was surely one of the darkest periods of his life.


'Yeah, what's up?'

'I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't have mpff – ' Teal eyes widened as the fiery teen pressed his lips to him, locking him in a soft kiss.

'Shush… There's no need to apologise.' He said, his face just inches away from the small captain's, their breath mingling seductively. Ichigo chuckled quietly.

'Do you see now why I wasn't scared of you?'

'Y-You're like me?!' Stammered the small captain, looking utterly shell shocked.

'Well, yes, I suppose so. Quite a few people are, especially in the world of the living. In fact, it's pretty much accepted now.'

The frosty captain couldn't quite believe what he was hearing. Ichigo, the Ichigo Kurosaki, the man he had been slowly falling in love with, was returning his love. Something about that made the captain feel warm inside, in a different kind of way that Kusaka had.

With Kusaka, they had loved each other, however, Toshiro knew that deep down, Kusaka would never lay his life on the line for the snow crowned boy. Toshiro, on the other hand, would have impaled himself on a red-hot zanpaktou for the man.

With Ichigo, the frosty captain had no doubts. The fiery substitute nearly had, a number of times, died for the people he cared for. That was the kind of love that the strong yet fragile captain knew he needed – not that he'd ever say that out loud. Secretly, he was thanking whatever divine influence had intervened and crossed his path with the orange crowned teen. Despite all this, he didn't actually know if Ichigo had meant anything by the kiss, or if it was just a way of soothing the captain, letting him know he's not on his own…

'What happens now?' the captain mumbled.

'Hmm… What do you mean?' the teen asked in a confused yet somehow endearing tone.

'Well, d-did that kiss actually mean anything to you?' the captain asked, trying to ignore the blush that was creeping up his face.

'What? I swear for a genius, you're pretty damn stupid! Of course I did… Oh Toshiro, I've slowly been falling for you since the day we met. Why do you think that all those times you put me down or shoved me away, I kept on coming back, kept on talking to you? Jesus Christ, and you call me an idiot…'

Suddenly, the captain grabbed the front of Ichigo's Shihakushō, pulling him down into a passionate kiss. Two tongues swirled around each other, battling for dominance. Ichigo gently nibbled on the captain's lower lip, eliciting a moan from him. They broke apart, red-cheeked and breathless.

'How's about dinner tomorrow night? My shout.' Ichigo asked, a warm smile on his face.

'Yeah… I'd like that…' the small captain replied, unable to keep a small smile flitting across his features. Ichigo bent down and pecked the small captain on the cheek.

'Until tomorrow then' he said, before flash-stepping out of the office.

'Yeah… Tomorrow…'

Call Of The Thunder (Chapter 2)

Ichigo woke to the sound of soft humming, a cool hand gently stroking his hair and a delicate throbbing beneath his cheek. Blearily, chocolate eyes opened, only to see an expanse of delicate pale flesh. It was only the that he realised he was resting on the snowy haired boy's chest, still sitting on the chair, his upper body slumped over the frosty captain. He stayed perfectly still, deciding not to alert the captain to his waking; content to enjoy the feeling of this closeness.

'I know you're awake, Ichigo' Hitsugaya's voice resonated from his chest, gentle vibrations tickling Ichigo's cheek. The orange haired man sighed.

'How come?' The white haired boy chuckled.

'With the way you snore, anyone would think you're actually quieter when you're awake' he jibed, amusement glittering the frosty captain's tone.

'Che... Well, at least I don't go passing out on people.' The firey teen quipped 'I swear you nearly gave me an aneurysm, Toshiro!'

With an indignant huff, the snow crowned boy none too gently shoved the firey substitute off of his chest, sending him tumbling to the floor with an almighty crash. Ichigo groaned in authentic pain, as the chair he had been occupying promptly fell on top of him. The tiny captain chuckled at the teen's antics, earning him a half-hearted glare from the man. Usually, the frosty captain would have found this sort of behaviour annoying in the extreme, however, he couldn't bring himself to feel anything other than mild amusement from the firey substitute. Afterall, he owed the man more than anything; he had helped the snow crowned boy through the Kusaka ordeal and, even after Hitsugaya had taken a swipe at him, the teen had stood by him. He had patched him up, and held him close. He had even stayed the night at the captain's request. Affection flowed through his veins as he gazed upon the substitute, who was currently doing battle with a chair. A small smile flitted across the captain's features as he stood up and lifted the chair off the teen.

'Come on...' the snow crowned boy said heaing towards the door. The teen looked at him quizzically. 'Do you want breakfast or not?'

The teen grinned, before following the small captain out of his quaters, towards his office. Once inside, Hitsugaya summoned a hell butterfly, sending it to the divisional kitchen, with the orders for two breakfasts. Within five minutes, they had arrived. Ichigo thanked the young girl who had delivered them, whilst Hitsugaya gave her a curt nod. Ichigo lounged across the sofa, shovelling down his breakfast, whilst the captain dilligently worked through his paperwork, neglecting his plate of food.

The teen watched the boy working for a while, concern swimming in the chocolate orbs. Was the captain really putting work over eating? The fiery substitute stood, softly padding over to the desk and swiping the brush out of the frosty captain's hand in one fluid motion. Teal orbs blinked, uncharacteristically confused, at his small hand, before looking up at the orange-crowned man. He reached to grab the brush from the firey teen, only to have Ichigo's other hand catch his wrist; teal eyes snapping to chocolate ones.

'Toshiro...' distress evident in the firey man's voice 'How can I not worry about you when you choose paperwork over eating?'

Teal eyes slid away from Ichigo's, downcast. He had never intended to make the substitute worry, however he had done so. Guilt flowed through the frosty captain's veins; however, he was not allowed to reminice for very long. The callused hand released the slender wrist, and came up to cup the pale cheek, tilting the captain's face up to look at him. Teal eyes widened at the affectionate gesture, looking at the orange haired teen.

'Please...' the teen said, the pad of his thumb stroking the soft skin 'at least have something to eat before you work.'

Leaning into Ichigo's hand, teal eyes slid shut, savouring the warmth for a second, before opening again, nodding at the substitute. The substitute smiled warmly at the snow crowned boy, as he stood up from his desk, walking towards the couch. He sat down gracefully, putting the plate in his lap, eating slowly. The orange haired man came and sat next to the captain. The teen was so close to him that his heat was practically palpable on his skin and could smell his autumnal scent.

'How are your wounds?'

Hitsugaya quickly swallowed his mouthful, and as he took a breath in to answer, he felt a piece of food get lodged in his throat. Aqua eyes buldge and his lithe body was racked with coughs.

He felt a strong, warm hand administering firm pats to his back, trying to aid the snowy captain, but it didn't work. He just continued to cough. Chocolate eyes widened as the snowy captains lips started to turn blue. Thinking quickly, he manouvered himself so that he was behind the boy, linking his arms around his waste, one hand clenched in a fist and the other hand on top. He pushed hard on the small boy's abdomen, and after a few tries, he succeeded in dislodging the foreign object from the boy's throat.

The captain sucked in a huge breath of air, leaning back against Ichigo's chest. He felt himself being moved so that he was cradled in the subititute's arms, one large hand coming up to rub his chest and stomach.

'Easy... Easy, Toshiro... Are you alright?' The tiny captain managed a nod. Ichigo felt immense relief at this. Truth be told, the firey teen had been more than a little worried when he saw the captain in distress... In fact, now that he thought about it, seeing the snow crowned boy in pain, had actually caused the other pain... Ichigo was brought out of his thoughts by a small voice:

'How... How do you always do that? And why? What did I do to deserve this?'

'What?' by now the teen was thoroughly confused.

' You always help me, no matter how I act towards you, no matter how much I push you away. Why do you keep on helping me? After the way I've treated you, you have more reason than anyone to hate me. Even after you found out about Kusaka... If any other male found about about the... nature... of our relationship they would not have wanted anything to do with me... But you, you just sit here comforting me, holding me. Aren't you afraid? I'm not normal... I shouldn't be like this...'

Ichigo promply burst out laughing, holding his sides, a few rouge tears streaming down his face. Teal eyes looked wounded and immediately became guarded. He knew it was too good to be true. No one would be able to accept him... Now he saw how it was; Kurosaki was just making fun of him... All this time... And that hurt more than anything. The frosty captain stood up, fighting to keep the hurt look off of his face...

'Woah! Toshiro, where are you going?' the substitute asked, catching the boy's wrist. Histugaya tried to pull out of the hold, but Ichigo's hand remained steadfast. Seeing the wounded expression on the boy's face, the firey teen immediately became concerned, trying to ease the boy's pain.

'Hey, hey. What's wrong?'

'Get the hell away from me!' the tiny boy cried, his voice breaking. He tried, once again, to free himself from the teen's hold.

'Not until you tell me what's wrong.' the substitute stated stubbornly.


'Huh? What are you? Stupid?!' the substitute revered. 'I was laughing because of how utterly dense you sounded just then. Crap Toshiro! Do you really think I would do that to you?' He took a deep breath, calming his nerves. 'Look, I laughed because of what you said. I'm not afraid of you, by any means and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, Toshiro. You're my friend, so of course I'm going to comfort you when you're down, regardless of gender, orientation - Hell! You could be green with seven limbs and I'd still comfort you.'

The captain stared at him, dumbstruck.

'Come here.'

Still slightly shellshocked, the captain took a step straight into Ichigo's welcoming arms. A small hand crept up the front of Ichigo's Shihakushō, clenching in the soft fabric. The captain was feeling rather stupid right now. He had just accused Ichigo of toying with him, when he had been doing the complete opposite; nevertheless, the firey teen had still welcomed his back into his arms. He really didn't understand what he had done to deserve this, but right now, Hitsugaya decided not to analyse what all of this meant, and simply enjoyed the feeling of closeness and warmth - something he hadn't felt since he left his grandmother.

Thank you, Kurosaki

Call Of The Thunder (Chapter 1)

Hitsugaya sat bolt upright, sweat and blood soaking the bed sheets. He took a deep breath and held his head in his hands. He had refused treatment for his injuries - he didn't deserve more Soul Reapers wasting their energy on him - and they were becoming increasingly painful. He really couldn't deal with this. As if it wasn't enough for him to watch the man he loved die once, fate had to be so twisted and cruel as to bring him back, so that he had to end his life again. It wasn't fair. Why did he hurt everyone he loved?

Momo; he had nearly killed her, impaling her on his zanpaktou.

Kusaka; he had been killed by the stealth force once, only to come back to be killed all over again.

Ichigo; the firey haired boy had only been trying to help him, yet he still swung his sword at him.

Truth be told, Hitsugaya owed Ichigo more than he would ever admit. He was the only one who stood by him, helped him in any way he could, when the ouin was stolen. Even his own lieutenant didn't come after him, seek him out in any way. Hitsugaya lay back down and sighed. He would have to thank Ichigo for everything he had done... But he would do that in the morning.

Hitsugaya awoke to the sound of loud voices laughing and chattering in his office. He sat up, only to cry out in pain, clutching the bleeding hole in his abdomen. Gritting his teeth, he climbed out of bed, put on his kimono and his haori embedded with the Squad 10 insignia. He opened the door to his quaters and walked down the hall, towards his office.

Rangiku, Renji and Ichigo were sprawled across the floor, chatting and laughing. Renji had his arm slung round Ichigo's neck, an Hitsugaya felt a pang of jealousy. When Ichigo saw him come in, he flashed him a goofy grin, before bellowing 'Hi Toshiro!'

Histugaya gave a curt nod in response and walked briskly towards his desk, wincing as he sat down. 'Abarai, would you mind telling me what you are doing in my office. I'm sure you have matters to attend to within your own division.'

'Ah, well, there's a lieutenants' meeting at half past sir, so I thought I'd come and see how Rangiku was doing,' he flashed her a cheeky smile 'and make sure she wasn't too drunk to attend.' This was followed by a laugh from Ichigo and a smack from Rangiku.

'Why you -'

'You two are aware that if the meeting was at half past, you are already ten minutes late?' Hitsugaya's cool voice cut through Rangiku's antics.

'What?!' the two lieutenants said in unison, before bolting out of the door, flash stepping as fast as they could to Squad 1.

'Those idiots...' Hitsugaya mumbled.

Ichigo chuckled 'Yeah, but we wouldn't want them any other way.'

Hitsugaya looked up to see a fond smile adorning Ichigo's face, and he felt yet another surge of envy. He wanted to be the one to make Ichigo smile. Ichigo stood up and lent over the desk.

'Are you alright?' he asked, chocolate eyes brimming with concern.

Hitsugaya was mesmorised for a second, but quickly regained his composure. Ichigo was genuinely concerned for his well-being, and for some reason, knowing that made the tiny captain feel warm inside. But he be damned if he let it show. 'I'm fine, idiot.'

'Don't give me that. When you sat down just now, you were in pain. Are you still injured?'

'I have already said, I am fine.' Hitsugaya stated, eyebrows furrowing obstinantely.

'Jesus, you're stubborn...' Ichigo muttered to himself, before reaching over and lifting the small boy out of the chair.

'Ku-Kurosaki?! What are you doing?!'

'Well, someone's got to take care of you, since you're too stubborn to do it yourself.' He stated plainly.

'Kurosaki, I am not a child. I do not need someone taking - umff.' Hitsugaya landed unceremoniously on the sofa, Ichigo standing over him. He sighed before reaching down, pulling Hitsugaya out of his kimono top and haori in one swift movement.

'What do you think you are -' he stopped once he saw the look of utter horror on the firey teen's face. 'Kurosaki?'

Tanned fingers touched the boy's abdomen, circling the bleeding wound on his stomach. 'What did you do to yourself?' brown hues looking incredibly distressed. 'Why didn't you get this healed?'

Eyes downcast, Hitsugaya muttered 'I've caused too much trouble already.' Teal eyes widened as he found himself in the substitute's arms. Slowly, the snow crowned soul reaper relaxed, sagging into the touch, his head falling forward to rest on man's shoulder.

'You call me an idiot. Toshiro, that has to be the stupidest excuse I have ever heard.' Ichigo pulled back to look at the captain before taking his hand to haul him off the sofa.

'C'mon,' he said, his tone holding a hint of exasperation.

Toshiro gave him a questioning look.

'I'm taking you to Squad 4.'

At these words, the small boy yanked his hand out of the warm hold, backing away. 'No, no please,' he begged 'I can't go there, I've done enough damage.'

'Don't be ridiculous Toshiro'

'Please Kurosaki, you don't understand' he whispered, teal orbs wide and pleading.

Ichigo sighed; the small boy looked so helpless, backed up against the wall, begging and bleeding. He didn't have the heart to make the boy do anything. 'Fine, I won't take you to the Fourth.' Teal eyes brimmed with relief.

'Thank you.' he whispered

'On one condition.' the lithe body tensed up again, light muscles taught under the pale skin. He looked sharply at Ichigo, looking almost frightened at what the man was going to say.

'Hey, relax. I just want you to let me bandage you up instead.' Hitsugaya breathed a sigh of relief, the tension leaving his body.

'Alright' he said, walking over to the couch, ignoring the stars in his vision 'the first aid kit is on the shelf.' He vaugely registered Ichigo padding across the office to get said first aid kit; he was more focused on calming his swimming vision. He felt a warm hand on his shoulder, and saw a fuzzy mess of orange. 'Ichigo...' he rasped, one pale hand reaching forward, grasping in the air.

Ichigo took hold of the blanched appendage, a callused thumb stroking it gently. 'Yeah, I'm here. Are you alright? You're - Toshiro!' the white haired captain's eyes rolled and he slumped forward. Ichigo caught the dead weight, sinking to his knees whilst cradling the captain.

'Toshiro! Hey, wake up. Toshiro!' The snow topped captain moaned, but did not wake up.

Ichigo placed him softly on the sofa. A gentle but anxious look adorned the firey haired teen's face, as he looked at the tiny boy who wore a pained expression. Ichigo lifted one tanned hand to run it through the snowy locks, trying to soothe the distressed boy. After a few seconds of stroking the silky tendrils, the boy seemed to settle into a more peaceful slumber; his eyebrows smoothing out, his body relaxing.

Ichigo opened the first aid box with an audiable click. He disinfected the wounds, and just as he finished wrapping them, teal eyes cracked open. 'Ichigo...' he groaned. Chocolate orbs snapped up to the snowy captain's face.

'Yeah, I'm here. Are you in pain?' The small soul reaper shook his head and made an effort to sit up. Ichigo was there in a flash, strong arms supporting him, lifting him into a sitting position. The snow crowned boy looked pensive, like he was weighing up his words.

'I...I wanted to thank you. You were the only on who helped me when the Ouin was stolen, and I also want to apologise. I shouldn't have attacked you, especially after all you did for me. I -'

'Stop Toshiro. It's fine, really. You were in a difficult situation and you were just doing what your instincts were telling you to. But I do have to ask you something...' Ichigo trailed off, eyes downcast, looking uncertain. Hitsugaya nudged him, urging him to go on.

'Were you two together?' Teal eyes widened, he felt like someone had winded him. He couldn't breathe. No one was meant to find out about this. He feared others would frown upon him, exclude him, making him more lonely than he already was. His breath came out in short sharp gasps; he really couldn't handle this. Not so soon after having to kill his beloved, again.

All of a sudden, he was being held against a warm wall, strong arms embracing him.

'Woah, Toshiro. Calm down, it's alright. Shush, I'm here...' Ichigo rubbed soothing circles on the small of the panicing boy's back, murmuring cajoling words into the boy's ear; and, little by little, the snow crown soul reaper began to calm down, his breathing returning to normal.

'H-How did y-y-you know?' he stammered. Ichigo smiled warmly at the tiny captain.

'By the way you looked at him...' A sob escaped his lips and tears splashed down the diminuitive captain's cheeks. Never in his wildest dreams did Hitsugaya thinnk the brash yet traditional substitute would be the one to figure it out, to accept him. Ichigo let him cry into his Shihakushō, all the while holding the captain close, rubbing soothing circles on his back. The only thought passing through Histugaya's mind was that someone had found out, and accepted him for it. He never though that it would be possible.

When he stopped crying, he simply rested against Ichigo's chest, both emotionally and physically exhausted. Before he knew it, the gentle rubs on his back coupled with the soothing words being mumbled in his ear, sent him to sleep, feeling as if a weight had been lifted off of his chest.

Ichigo looked down at the unconcious boy in his arms. It was heart breaking to see the boy, who was usually so strong, so calm fall to pieces, all because the firey teen had found out about the nature of his relationship with his fellow ice weilder. Had he really been that scared of rejection?

He slipped the snow crowned soul reaper back into his kimono top and haori before carrying him back to his quaters. Once inside, Ichigo slid the lithe body under the comforter. He stroked Hitsugaya's hair away from his face and pressed a soft kiss to his forehead. The tiny captain stirred at the touch, lavender flecked lids fluttering before the teal eyes cracked open. 'Ichigo... Stay.' the captain mumbled, a small hand reaching for Ichigo. As soon as the orange crowned man took the lithe appendage, it went limp in his grasp, as the diminuitive captain returned to sleep. The substitute smiled warmly at the slumbering boy, releasing the slack hand and going to the other side of the room, to where a chair was stationed. He pulled said chair next to the bed, slipping his hand into the one he had just let go of.

When Hitsugaya next opened his eyes, his vision was assaulted by an orange mop. Ichigo was sat on the chair, his upper body slumped onto the bed; his fire topped head resting on a bent arm. Hitsugaya allowed a ghost of a smile to pass across his features as he realised the firey teen had stayed with him through the whole night, as he had asked. He tried to lift his hand to run it through the orange mop, only to find it was trapped. He looked down and saw Ichigo's tanned hand holding his; the difference in colour apparent. Teal orbs looked at the dozing man infront of him with unhidden affection.

The tiny captain leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on the orange hair's cheek.

'Thank you, Ichigo...'

Fevered Nightmares

Ichigo was drawn out of his sleep to the soft pitter-patter of rain hitting his window. Something wasn’t right. He could feel it. He couldn’t quite pinpoint exactly what it was, but it was annoying in the extreme, especially considering it had woken him up at no less than 2.30 in the morning. He was just about to lie back down when…
A flash of white lightning alerted him to the fact that he wasn’t alone. Someone was outside his window. Chocolate orbs snapped to his window ledge, only to widen in shock when he realised who it was.
‘Toshiro!’ The drenched form of his lover stood frozen outside in the thunder storm, staring out into space. Diving for the latch, Ichigo hauled the glass pane to one side. He let out a startled cry as the snowy captain’s body went limp, and the fiery substitute threw his upper body out the window to catch his falling lover. Carefully lifting the drenched captain into his room, Ichigo closed the window, trying to keep his room as warm and dry as possible – not for his sake, but for the sake of his frosty dragon.
The orange crowned man knew there was something immediately wrong with his lover. He was shivering and his usually pale cheeks were tinged with crimson. Ichigo softly pressed his hand to his lover’s forehead, nearly hissing at the temperature.
‘Jesus Christ, what has he been doing to himself?’ The fiery teen thought.
The small captain moaned, and chocolate orbs snapped to his lover’s face. Teal eyes slowly cracked open, revealing hazy orbs.
‘Ichigo…?’ his voice sounded confused and slightly distressed.
‘Yeah, I’m here. Are you alright?’
To Ichigo’s utter horror, tears welled up in the teal eyes he so loved, and the usually calm, collected and commanding captain started to sob.
‘Toshiro!’ the teen yelped, startled by his crying. He quickly scooped up the crying boy, cradling him in his arms, rubbing soothing circles in his back, trying to comfort him.
‘Toush… What’s wrong?
‘I-I thought y-y-you were d-dead… ‘ the tiny boy sobbed harder as he mumbled the nearly incomprehensible words. Ichigo just held him tighter.
Now the teen understood. Too many times had he woken up to find his lover trapped in one of his night terrors. Sometimes, they had been so graphic that his poor lover had confused them for reality, leading him to be so hysterical that it had taken Ichigo hours to calm him down, and even longer to convince him that they were just dreams. This must have been one on them. Ichigo couldn’t imagine what it must have felt like for his frosty dragon; to have his lover taken away from him so cruelly, even if it had been a dream, must have been more than the strong yet fragile captain to handle.
‘Shush… It’s alright. It was only a dream. I’m here, aren’t I? I promise you I won’t leave you.’ Ichigo soothed the distressed boy, planting a kiss on the snowy mop.
‘B-But it s-seemed s-so real.’
‘I know, I know…’ Ichigo hugged the snowy captain tighter, comforting the terror-stricken boy. The orange crowned teen nuzzled the snowy mop, smelling the wintery scent and something else…
‘Toush… Have you been sick?’
The lithe body tensed in his arms, but other than that there was no response – not that Ichigo needed any. He understood completely. Even though he may not show it, the small captain really did love the fiery teen, and when he had thought that he had lost him for good, that sent the frosty boy over the edge.
Suddenly, coughs wracked the small captain’s body, and Ichigo patted his back, trying to ease his ailing lover. Once the coughing had stopped, the substitute took the glass of water from his night stand and pressed it into his lover’s hand. The pale hand shakily lifted the cool glass to his lips, drinking deeply before handing the now empty glass back to his lover.
‘C’mon, Toush… Let’s get you out of those clothes. There soaked.’ Usually the captain would have argued, however, as of a few hours ago, the frosty boy believed that he had lost his reason to live – and that made him more willing than he would like to admit to do whatever Ichigo said.
Ichigo untangled himself from his lover, and Hitsugaya let out a startled gasp, frantically grasping for the orange crowned substitute. Tanned hands caught his clenching ones. Teal eyes widened as Ichigo pressed his lips to his, locking the captain in a soft, reassuring kiss.
‘I’m just going to the wardrobe to get you some clothes. I’m not going anywhere. I promised, remember?’ And just like that, Ichigo was once again able to soothe the small captain’s rippling mind. Callused hands let go of his, as the orange haired man stepped over to the wardrobe. Pulling out a t-shirt and an old pair of sweat pants, the substitute knelt down in front of his lover. He gently undid the white obi and slipped the captain out of his uniform. He helped his tiny lover get into his dry clothes before settling him under the comforter.
‘Better?’ Ichigo asked
‘Hmm…’ was the only response he got from his lover. Ichigo chuckled as he settled down next to the tiny captain, curling his body round the smaller one. The tiny captain’s hand crawled up to clench in the front of Ichigo’s shirt, and soon the two were taken by sleep, wrapped in each other’s scent…

I'll Be Strong For You

Just a little HitsuIchi one-shot, because I got bored. No flamming please :) Reviews and constructive critisism appreciated
It was the dead of night, and only on light remained on. The snow crowned captain working dilligently as ever, slaving over the mountains of paperwork that had been neglected by his vice-captain. The only sound that broke the serene silence was the muffled scratching of a calligraphy brush on parchment paper. The frosty captain set down his brush and leaned back in his chair, a petite hand scrubbing over his face. The tiny captain was exhausted, however, his motivation was more than enough to keep him going through the small hours of the morning: tomorrow, Ichigo would be coming. The thought of seeing his firey lover put a small, fleeting smile on the captain's weary face. Opening his eyes, Hitsugaya picked up his brush again, determined to finish his (Matsumoto's) paperwork, in order to have a day, unperturbed by work, with his beloved.
With renewed resolve, Hitsugaya picked up the next piece of paper and started to fill it out...
'-tain? Captain? Wake up, Captain?' teal eyes blearily cracked open, blinked a few times - uncharacteristically confused - before realising where he was. He had fallen asleep at his desk - again. A sense of pride filled the captain as he looked at the pile of finished paperwork. Too many times had Ichigo visited him, only to be stuck in the Tenth Division office, watching the snowy captain do his paperwork - not today. Though it may not be much, this was Hitsugaya's way of showing how much the firey teen meant to him; and Ichigo knew this. Sometimes it astounded the frosty captain just how perceptive the substitute could be. The teen was the only one who was able to read the subtle signs the prodigy gave off, and he always knew how to react to them.
'Captain? Were you up all night doing paperwork?'
'Your paperwork, Matsumoto...'
'Captain, honestly! There's a reason that I don't do paperwork. It's so bad for you!' Hitsugaya gave her a look mixed between incredulousness and amusment. He smirked and rolled his eyes at his vice-captain's antics - some things would never change.
Teal eyes widened and snapped to the door as he felt a familiar presence heading his way.
'Captain, isn't that Ichigo's spiritual pressure?'
'Yes, Matusmoto. Here...' he said, holding a pile of completed paperwork in front of his lieutenant 'Get these to the first division.'
His vice-captain looked perplexed. Was her captain really giving her permission to leave the office. Surely he knew that he wouldn't see her for the rest of the - oooh... The penny finally dropped. Matsumoto flashed her captain a cheeky grin.
'Of course, Captain...' and just because she could 'Have fun with Ichigo.' With a wink, she flashed stepped out of the office, but not before seeing the china white cheeks blush a furious red.
'Matsumoto...' the snow crowned boy seethed. He took a deep breath and leaned back in his chair, eyelids sliding over the teal orbs. The captain could feel himself relaxing as he felt his lover getting closer. In a few seconds, he would be in the arms of his orange haired idiot, breathing in his autumnal scent. This thought had a warm sensation spreading through the frosty boy's body, a contented smile adorning his face.
'Toshiro...' The firey teen's voice resonated throughout the office. Teal eyes snapped open, frantically searching for this beloved, only to widen when he found him.
Ichigo looked awful.
He was sweaty and pale, with grey bags under his eyes. The chocolate eyes that the captain adored, had lost their spark. There was a not-so-subtle shake to all of the teen's movements, and he needed to cling to the doorframe just to keep himself upright. In a flash, the snow crowned boy was beside him, slipping an arm around the taller's waist, in an attempt to steady him. The tiny captain gently nudged his lover inside the office, closing the door behind him. He lead the ill man to the sofa in his office, softly setting him down on it. He knelt down in front of his lover, taking the two shaking and clammy hands in his own.
'Ichigo... Are you alright?' even the captain was shocked at how much concern came through in his voice. The normally firey teen tried to smile, but it looked more like a grimace.
'Yeah, I'm fine... Just got a bug that's going round.'
Teal eyes swirled with a mixture of distress and affection.
'You idiot. Why did you come if you were sick?'
'It's 'cus I promised...' The simplicity of the answer momentarily stunned the captain, before a soft smile flitted across his features. Only Ichigo would put himself through something like this, for such a trivial reason. What an idiot...
The captain stood and walked to the office door, locking it - afterall, Ichigo was a man with pride on par to his. He wouldn't want anyone seeing him in this state. The snowy boy then went to a small cupboard, searching for a blanket which would aid his lovers shivering. Opening the cabinet, Hitsugaya inwardly cursed. His lieutenant had put the blanket on the top shelf, making it impossible to reach.
The redhead had been watching his beloved's movements through hazy vision. Seeing his predicament, Ichigo tried to get up and aid his frosty lover. He stood up and managed to take a few steps before stumbling, his vision swimming. He felt his gut do a somersault, as nausea rushed through him. He vaguely remembered the wood of the office floor rising up to greet him, when everything went black
While contemplating how to get the blanket down, whilst retaining his dignity, the snow crowned captain heard shuffling from behind him. The frost boy whipped around to see his lover stumbling forward. Teal eyes widened when he saw his beloved's body go completely slack, sending him tumbling to the ground.
'ICHIGO!' he cried, diving forward to catch the substitute. He pulled the unconcious man into his chest just before the orange mop of hair came into contact with the unforgiving floor. His lover's dead weight was too much for the small boy and he fell to the floor, cradling his lover as he was knocked over. Hitsugaya sat up, quickly recovering from the tumble, and gently lifted the larger man to his chest.
A pale hand came up to cup the pallid cheek, tilting the man's head back so that the frosty captain could look at him. Ichigo's unconcious face was contorted in pain, sweat dotting his forehead. Hitsugaya softly kissed his distressed lover, trying to comfort him.
'Ichigo...' he said, gently patting his cheek 'Wake up... Please, Ichigo.'
After a few seconds, the captain managed to elicit a moan from his lover. Chocolate eyes cracked open, with great effort, looking pained and anguished. The frosty captain's brows furrowed in worry. Normally, Ichigo would be very careful not to put his weight on the snow crowned boy for fear of suffocating him - something Hitsugaya reprimanded him for, deeming it an unneseccary concern. So when Ichigo looked up at him, sighed then rested his head in the crook of the captain's neck, Hitsugaya knew there was something really wrong with his lover. However, he didn't have time to ponder this for long, as tension abruptly took over the subsititute body, chocolate eyes scrunching shut.
'Ichigo?!' the frosty captain said, alarmed. 'What's wrong?!'
He felt the orange crowned man's body convulse, and his quick mind rapidly put two and two together. Tightening his hold on his lover, Hitsugaya quickly flash-stepped to the small bathroom that was attached to the office. The two unceremoniously tumbled to the floor, in front of the toilet - just in time for two tanned hands to weakly grasp the edge of the bowl, and abruptly empty the contents of his stomach into it.
The captain felt completely useless. His beloved was clearly in distress, yet he could do nothing other than rub soothing circles on his back. Ichigo continued to throw up until dry wretched over the toilet a few times, tears pricking at his eyes as he did so. The teen felt completely drained and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't stay upright. He started to fall forwards, but a pair of lithe arms shot around his waist, steadying him. The firey teen felt himself being pulled backwards and Hitsugaya settled him in an upright position against the wall. Chocolate eyes cracked open, searching for his lover.
'Yeah, I'm here. Are you in pain?' teal eyes brimming with concern as the captain stood to get Ichigo a glass of water. Ichigo shook his head - much to Hitsugaya's relief. The captain knelt down next to his beloved and pressed a cool glass of water into his hand, but didn't let go.
'Can you hold it?'
'Y-Yeah... I think...' one tanned hand tried to lift the glass, but in the end, he was shaking too much. Hitsugaya hid the worried look on his face, smiling at his lover, taking the glass from him.
'Here. Let me...'
Hitsugaya lifted the glass to his lovers cracked lips, trying to coax the water into his mouth. After a few tries, the snowy captain succeeded in getting the water down.
'Mmm...' Ichigo groaned slightly in protest, not wanting to drink any more - his lids started to droop, his body relaxing as he started to fall asleep.
'Come on. Can you stand? I assume you don't want to sleep here.' Ichigo gave him a worn-out nod as the captain slipped an arm around the firey teen's waist, hauling him to his feet. He supported his lover all the way to the sofa, feeling Ichigo getting weaker with every step. The snowy captain's gut twisted at the thought of Ichigo being incapacitated. In the years that they had been together, Hitsugaya had never seen his lover like this. Out of the two of them, Ichigo had always been the strong one, the pillar of support. To see him like this actually terrified the tiny captain more than words could say. When they reached the couch, Ichigo sagged in Hitsugaya's hold - panicing the captain - falling straight towards the cushions. The snow crowned boy helped the firey teen lie down, cradling his head in one dainty hand so the teen would not injure himself. Once he was settles, Hitsuagay briskly walked over to his desk and carried the chair over to the small cupboard. Pride be damned, he climbed onto the seat, triumphantly grasping the blanket on the top shelf. He softly stepped of the chair and padded over to his lover. Chocolate were still open - barely - in a valiant effort to stay concious for his frosty lover. Seeing this, Hitsugaya smiled gently, draping a blanket over his beloved's prone form.
'Sleep, Ichigo...' he said, settling himself on the sofa, his lover's head in his lap. Pale fingers ran through the orange mop, trying to soothe his lover - in the years that they had been together, Hitsugaya had learnt that one of the only things that would relax his brash lover was stroking his hair. When he had found this out, the frosty captain didn't know whether to be amused or not. Afterall, this was the Ichigo Kurosaki. Who would have guessed that he would have been soothed by something so seemingly trivial. The snowy captain kept his gaze locked on his lover's pallid face, seeing the teen's eyes slowly disappearing behind his eyelids.
'I'm sorry...' Ichigo mumbled.
'Don't apologise for being ill, moron.' Hitsugaya softly reprimanded.
'You shouldn't have to put up with this...'
'Shut up.' Hitsugaya snapped, almost harshly - but then his tone changed to soft and loving 'After all those time you've looked after me when I've been ill, this is the least I can do.
'Thanks, Toshi... Love you...' Ichigo trailed off as chocolate eyes disappeared from view, slipping into a peaceful slumber. A warm smile, that was saved for only Ichigo, adorned the prodigy's face. Hitsugaya leant down and pressed a soft kiss to Ichigo's parched lips.
'I love you too...' he whispered. Then, just because he could: 'Idiot...'
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In Other Situations...

Title: In Other Situations
Author: Me
Rating: M
Pairing: Ichigo x Gin x Toushiro
Warnings: Sex. Language. Yaoi. Threesome. AU. PWP.
Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach... unfortunately. -Sniffle-
Summary: Sometimes, in a relationship, excitement keeps the flame alive, and in other situations, it stimulates the senses over and over again.
AN: A happy birthday fic to QueenOfCitrus! (Sorry, it's so late! -Bows-)

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Thawing Walls Chapter 8

Title: Thawing Walls

Chapter: Eight

Pairing: Hitsugaya Toushiro x Kurosaki Ichigo

Rating: M (T for the first half of the story)

Summary: itsugaya is stationed in a turbulent Karakura Town to investigate increased Menos activity. The inevitable interactions with Kurosaki Ichigo give way to things neither of them expected. Not only are they drawn to each other, but to the conclusion of an insidious scheme as well. 

My god, an update?! It's been absurdly long since I wrote anything for this story. This story is also uploaded to my account Shading Source.

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